Monthly Archives: May 2022

Oppose the Purcell Road Extension East in Pathway To 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

The HOA recently provided a summary in the Spring 2022 Hunters Ridge Newsletter of the County’s recent inclusion of a Purcell Road Extension in their Comprehensive Plan. If approved, it is designed to bifurcate/split in half Hunters Ridge at Peaks Mill Drive, turning Peaks Mill Drive into a four-lane highway. As a four-lane highway Peaks Mill Drive would carry a significantly higher amount of traffic through the middle of our community including commercial tractor-trailer trucks, etc. Now is the time for residents to voice opposition to this poorly conceived plan that would significantly increase vehicle noise, safety risks, and change Hunters Ridge as we know it.  To assist you in this effort we have attached a letter that summarizes the Hunters Ridge Board’s views. This letter can be sent as is or used as a source document for your own letter or email. To assist you, we have also provided a contact list for the County’s decision makers on for matter.  Now is the time to express your views to those on this list, which includes, in this order, the PWC Board of County Supervisors, PWC Transportation Director, and PWC Planning Commission members. 

Their email addresses are: