The Prince William County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at the McCoart Administrative Building (1 County Complex Court) on September 28, 2022 at 6:45 PM, to discuss/approve the County Comprehensive Plan.  Of specific interest to the Hunters Ridge community is the issue of connecting Peaks Mill Drive to the Prince William Parkway and Purcell Road.  

We thank all those who have already made their opposition to extending Purcell Road through Hunters Ridge known; however, the fight is not over!  This meeting/hearing presents another opportunity to voice your opposition to extending Purcell Road through Hunters Ridge.

The Planning Commission’s interest in extending Peaks Mill Drive is predicated on a planned zoning change to the 661-acre Delaney Tract property adjacent Hunters Ridge along Prince William Parkway. The Comprehensive Plan decreases the lot size and significantly increases the population density of planned Delaney Tract development.  This overdevelopment of the Delaney Tract (squeezing six times as many homes on this land) will put far too many vehicles on Prince William Parkway and will necessitate running Purcell Road through Hunters Ridge. More traffic means more noise, more speeding, more accidents, and decreased safety in and around Hunters Ridge.

We encourage you to speak out against these issues at the September 28, 2022 Planning Commission meeting/Public Hearing and make your opposition known.  A copy of the agenda is found at the below link. Paragraph 5 provides meeting registration information (you must register NLT 5pm Tuesday, Sept 27th)  and public comment guidance. Agenda 20220921.pdf

On behalf of the Hunters Ridge HOA Board and in the interest of homeowners, thank you!


Hunters Ridge Board of Directors