Monthly Archives: October 2022

Update on 9/28/22 PWCO Planning Commission Public Hearing

The Planning Commission recommended two important changes to the Land Use Chapter of the County’s Pathway to 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  We believe these changes, if approved by the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS), are in the best interests of our Hunters Ridge community.

First, the Planning Commission recommended the Delaney Tract continue to be included in the Occoquan Reservoir Protective Overlay area.  This will exclude high-density housing development on the Delaney Tract, requiring home lot sizes to be at least 5 acres.  

Secondarily, the Planning Commission recommended the Kline Project development (in the vicinity of the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Liberia) be limited to single family homes with at least 2 acres.  This is another vote for low-density development which we champion.

Incorporation of these changes will require modifications to the Mobility Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan, and accordingly consideration of the Mobility Chapter has been deferred to their November 9, 2022, meeting.  The Purcell Road East (Peak’s Mill Extension) proposal is currently a part of the Mobility Chapter, and we believe the two changes reported above will result in changes to that proposal that will favor the interests of the Hunters Ridge community.

We want to thank our HR homeowners who attended and spoke at the Planning Commission hearing, as well as those who wrote to them and the BOCS voicing their opposition to the Delaney Tract development expansion and the Purcell Road East project.  Our collective advocacy has had an impact and makes a difference.  Final decisions are yet to be made by the Board of County Supervisors.  Your Board of Directors will continue to alert you to evolving developments.

Hunters Ridge Board of Directors