Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC)

A 3-person committee that makes recommendations to the Board (which has final say) on proposed homeowner exterior changes and projects in accordance with the covenants.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Made up of 2 Board Members & 1st Vice President.

Appointed by Board to review homeowners’ proposed construction of all:

  • Buildings, fences, antennas, walls, roofs or other structures other than those originally built by Hunter’s Ridge builders, or any exterior change
  • ARC is to establish uniform guidelines for reviewing proposed projects
  • ARC is to consistently apply guidelines and standards in reviewing projects across the development and in alignment with the Hunter’s Ridge long-term plan and vision
  • Keep copies of plan and record plats for all sections of Hunter’s Ridge
  • Process for Proposed Projects (Per Covenants)
    1. Homeowner submits detailed plans, including drawings, information on materials, colors, etc. to AAC and ARC
    2. AAC and ARC review proposed project and may discuss details further with homeowner (may also make suggestions)
    3. Final approval or disapproval by ARC or Board must occur in writing within 60 days (HOA normally does so within 1 – 2 weeks) or project is deemed approved

Grounds Committee

With community participation, to maintain the appearance of the entrances, common areas, and grounds (including planting and mowing):

  • Prepare and submit a plan and 2-year budget proposal for review by the HOA Board and membership
  • Report annually to HOA membership on plans and progress

Neighborhood Watch Program Morphs to Text Alert System

The Neighborhood Watch Program has been in existence in Hunters Ridge since the early stages of construction.  Over time this program has changed in purpose and complexity and, as of today, is inactive. In order for residents to remain in touch with one another on matters of importance a Text Alert System was introduced in May, 2016. This voluntary system allows mass text messages to be sent out to residents on both urgent and general matters. While not intended as a crime prevention program, the text alert system is designed to communicate much quicker than the Neighborhood Watch communication network. To sign up for text alerts please go to

Planning Committee

To establish a long-term vision for the neighborhood with maximum input from the community members and evaluate and recommend uses, designs and approaches for common areas in Hunter’s Ridge:

  • Establish a long-term vision for the Hunter’s Ridge neighborhood with maximum input from community members
  • Evaluate pros & cons of alternative uses, designs and approaches for landscaping, maintenance, cost and other related issues, e.g., liability, long-term costs, and future development of common areas. Submit analysis and proposals to HOA Board and membership
  • Prepare and submit long-term vision and plans for HOA membership vote
  • Prepare and submit 2-year budget proposal for HOA Board
  • Report to HOA membership annually on plans and progress

Social Affairs Committee

To organize and manage community information and social affairs including prepare and distribute Hunter’s Ridge newsletter, organize annual picnic/cookout and other social events, maintain and distribute Hunter’s Ridge phone book, and welcome new neighbors into Hunter’s Ridge:

  • Prepare and distribute Hunter’s Ridge Monthly or Quarterly Newsletter
  • Organize Annual Picnic/Cookout & Other community social events
  • Maintain and distribute Hunter’s Ridge Phone Book
  • Welcome new neighbors
  • Committee is to prepare projected 2-year budget for above activities and submit to the HOA Board for review