Fall 2019 Community Picnic Canceled

The Hunters Ridge HOA Board of Directors unanimously voted, at the the August monthly meeting, to cancel the community picnic for 2019. The picnic is normally held in October. This action is required to cover some unexpected HOA expenses the Board has identified. Specifically, the County has mandated additional maintenance requirements at HOA owned holding ponds. Also, we anticipate unbudgeted expenses related to addressing the community’s interest in the recently announced possible 14th high school abutting Hunters Ridge. Suspending the picnic will save approximately $3,000 this year. The picnic will be considered for reinstatement in 2020.

New Recycling Rules

Effective immediately Prince William County has imposed the following restrictions for recycled material on Charlie and Son, our trash and recycling hauler and, accordingly, on us as users of their services. For more information on the County’s decision please refer to http://www.pwcgov.org/news/pages/Immediate-Changes-to-Recycling-in-the-County.aspx

Acceptable recyclable materials

  • Clean #1 and #2 plastic. If uncertain on these codes, search “recycling categories” on the internet. Material must be clean. If not, dispose as routine trash. Charlie & Son will not clean for you.
  • Clean aluminum and tin
  • Mixed paper to include newspapers and cereal boxes.
  • Cardboard, but no section larger than 2’ x 2’. Must be able to fit in recycle bin.

Unacceptable material for recycling

  • Glass of any type
  • #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 plastic.  

Litter is Everyone’s Concern

This winter has included several windy days and, unfortunately, these days have occurred on recycle Mondays. This exacerbates an already ongoing litter problem that Hunters Ridge experiences. The HOA is not staffed to collect this litter and the cost to contract to have the litter collected would raise annual dues considerably. With this in mind, residents are encouraged to pick up litter when they see it whether it’s in their yard or not. They are also encouraged to weigh down recyclables on recycle Mondays when wind is expected. Refilled water bottles work very well. Please help the HOA in keeping Hunters Ridge free of litter.

Two Board Members Re-Elected

On November 15, 2018 two existing HOA Board members, Felix Boughton and Jim White, were re-elected to new three year terms beginning 1/1/2019. A special meeting was convened to consider their appointment since a quorum was not reached at the General Membership Meeting earlier in the evening. Both Felix and Jim agreed to stand for re-election. No other nominees came forward. Felix will continue to serve as Secretary. Jim will serve as 1st Vice President and Chairperson of the Architectural Review Committee and the Grounds Committee. For more details on the election see the online minutes for 11/15/2018.