HOA Spring 2021 General Membership Meeting

The Hunters Ridge HOA will be hosting its semi-annual Spring General Membership meeting on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. by Zoom. To receive the Zoom link please call our Zoom Facilitator at (703) 819-4463. Please be prepared to provide your name, address and cell number (to receive link).


The annual HOA assessment for 2021 is due by Monday, February 15, 2021 to avoid late charges. The assessment is $315 if paid by this date. Payments can be mailed to, or dropped-off at the secure and locked HOA mailbox at 12161 Coloriver Rd. This marked mailbox is at the entrance to the HOA’s common lot at the intersection of Peaks Mill Rd. and Coloriver Rd. It is checked, at a minimum, daily including weekends. With the recently publicized delays in USPS deliveries the “drop off’ option is encouraged. Thanks in advance for your payment!

Increasing our Familiarity with Hunters Ridge Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

All Hunters Ridge homeowners, residents and renters are legally subject to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  The HOA will occasionally highlight provisions of these documents that are topical, potentially misunderstood or require clarification and/or reinforcement. As an example, do you know the contents of Article VIII (Restrictions), Section 9 of the Covenants?

Article VIII, Section 9 states the following:

“No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot, except that dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept provided they are not raised, bred, or kept for any commercial purposes.  Owners with pets shall be permitted to walk their leashed pets within Common Areas but shall be responsible for removing waste created by their pets in such Common Areas.”

Vandalism Suspects Identified – PWC Police Need Our Help

During February and March, 2020 Hunters Ridge experienced repeated vandalism in terms of mailbox destruction, mailbox theft and property damage. Through diligent investigative work the Prince William County Police have identified the individuals responsible for this vandalism. The police are now seeking the community’s help to identify the level of damages incurred so a plan of restitution can be put in place. Did you experience vandalism during this time frame? If so, please contact Officer Patrick Balchunas at cell (571) 722-8527 or office (703) 792-8555 or email him at pbalchunas@pwcgov.org. Please provide this information directly to the police and not to the HOA. If residents know of neighbors who may have experienced damages or vandalism during this timeframe please pass this information along to them. Many thanks to Officer Balchunas and the PWC Police for putting a halt to this vandalism.

New Contact Information

As a result of the November, 2019 elections contact information for the PWC School Board and the PWC Planning Commission have changed. New contact info is included below:

School Board

Barbur B. Lateef, M.D. ,Chairman At-Large,  blateef@pwcs.edu,  571.353.5469

Loree Y. Williams Vice, Chairwoman Woodbridge District,  LWilliams@pwcs.edu,  571.242.8259

Adele Jackson, Brentsville District,  ajackson@pwcs.edu, 703.791.8709

Lillie G. Jessie, Occoquan District,  LJessie@pwcs.edu, 571.659.1636

Diane L. Raulston, Neabsco District,  DRaulston@pwcs.edu,  571.251.3467

Jennifer T. Wall, Gainesville District,  JWall@pwcs.edu,  703.791.8709

Justin David Wilk, Potomac District,  JWilk@pwcs.edu,  703.791.8709

Lisa A. Zargarpur, Coles District,  LZargarpur@pwcs.edu

Planning Commission

Don Taylor, Parliamentarian At- Large,  Windyknoll2@gmail.com,  703.927.2118

Patti McKay, Brentsville District,  pattimckay@msn.com,  703.282.7954

Joseph Fontanella, Jr., Coles District,  Colesplanning@gmail.com

Richard Berry, Gainesville District,  Riccar1110@aol.com,  703.754.4120

Bill Milne, Chairman Neabsco District,  neabscopc@gmail.com,  703.595.5285 (cell)

Robert Perry, Jr., Occoquan District,  occoquanplanning@gmail.com,  812.686.7117 (cell)

Juan McPhail, Potomac District,  jmcpwccommission@gmail.com,  703.906.7278

Cynthia Moses-Nedd, Vice Chair, Woodbridge District Planning, Woodbridge@gmail.com, 703.973.0161