New Yard Waste Pilot Program Introduced

March 1, 2022


Recently you received a survey from the Hunters Ridge Board of Directors seeking your views  concerning the need for a fee-based yard waste disposal service for the entire community. As you may be aware, on September 7, 2021, the Prince William County Board of Supervisors adopted a new ordinance which requires that yard waste is handled separately from regular trash and delivered to an entirely different landfill. As of today, our community does not have such a service.

Surveyresults indicate a greater number of homeowners prefer having a yard waste service even at a higher costthen those that are opposed. Clearly there are many well thought out and divergent opinions on this subject and all have been considered by the Board.  The Board has taken an objective approach with a commitment to fairness to all homeowners.The real benefit to the community is realized if the service is broadly utilized by homeowners. With this in mind and sensitive to keeping costs low, the Board has decided to enter into a pilot one-year yard waste removal contract with Disposal Services, LLC, our current trash contractor, commencing April 1, 2022. The first pick-up will be Wednesday, April 6, 2022, and every Wednesday thereafter.  During this one-year pilot there will be no additional cost to homeowners andthe Board will monitor yard waste usage. At the end of the yard waste pilot, if it is determined that very few homeowners are using the yard waste service, the contract will not be renewed.  If it is determined that a significant number of homeowners use the service, it will be renewed.

Homeowners will be solely responsible for following all Prince William County yard waste packaging requirements in preparation for pickup outlined on the attached document.  The HOA will not get involved in cases in which homeowners do not follow the County’s special packaging requirements.

There is established precedent for this approach that we are taking.  The precedent occurred in the early years after Hunters Ridge was established.  The Board had the trash contractor provide several trash dumpsters positioned at various locations  within the community to allow homeowners to neatly engage in spring cleaning of their lots and homes. The Board provided this service as long as it was used and needed by a significant number of homeowners.  When the usage and need diminished the dumpster service was discontinued.

Your Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the community’s trash removal needs are provided to residents. We are equally committed to approaching this community’s needs objectively and in a manner that is fair to all homeowners. 


Delton Nichols